Sony Ericsson

Even though Nokia has said it will not adopt Android on their phones, there is at least one phone maker who will stick to the Google mobile OS. Sony Ericsson is abandoning Symbian operating system and focusing mainly on Android platform for their phones.

Sony Ericsson has announced that it has no plans to develop phones based on the Symbian OS, according to a spokesperson from the company. The announcement means that the manufacturer will be concentrating on producing more smartphones on the Android platform, which currently can be found on their latest Xperia phones – X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro. Sony Ericsson does have phones based on the Symbian OS, such as their Vivaz series.

Symbian has been the world’s biggest selling smartphone operating system, thanks to Nokia, but the market share has been declining. With the announcement from Sony Ericsson, this could deal a huge blow to the Symbian OS market share. Nokia has said it will not hop onto the Android wagon like other phone makers, though the Finnish company may consider Windows Phone 7.

Source: BusinessWeek