The G705 sports a glossy black finish at the front and a rubbery, non-gliding texture at the rear. The 2.4-inch LCD display supports 320×240 pixels resolution and above the screen is a ear speaker, light sensor and video call camera. Below it are the navigation, selection, activity menu, call, end call (power on/off) and clear buttons.

The phone also slide upwards to reveal the numeric keypad for dialing and messaging. The keypad has a smooth feel that makes typing comfortable.

The left holds the unique connector for charging the battery, connecting to wired stereo headset for handsfree usage and connecting to the PC via USB cable. There is also a Memory Stick Micro (M2) slot to add more storage to your phone. But you would need to remove the backcover first to access the slot.

The camera key and volume control (camera digital zoom) are on the right. To go into camera mode, simply press and hold the camera key for two seconds.

At the top is a tiny play/stop button for user to turn on the last used music application (music player or radio) and also to stop music playing. Note that the handsfree wired stereo headset, included with the unit, must be attached before you can access the radio mode.

At the base is the strap hole and the backcover lock switch. To remove the backcover, push the switch to the left to unlock and then lift the backcover.

The 3.2-megapixel camera, indicator light, loudspeaker and light are at the rear.

Removing the backcover reveals the 950mAh Lithium-polymer 3.6V standard battery and the phone SIM card slot beside the camera lens. There is no offline mode on the G705 unlike some phones. This means you would have to install the SIM card before you can use the phone.

Accessories include a user manual, USB cable, stereo headset and a charger.