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Sony Ericsson launches new Walkman-branded smartphone, the W8

Sony's Walkman is one of the more well-known brands when it comes to devices dealing with audio and video playback while on the move; as such, it is understandable that Japanese company is not about to let such an established brand fade to oblivion. And in what seems to be the best proof of Sony's commitment to the Walkman brand, the company has just announced the availability of yet another Walkman-branded smartphone, the W8, which Sony claims combines "Walkman functionality with smartphone fundamentals".

Do you still remember the original line of Walkman-branded portable media players that were produced by Sony and highly regarded to be some of the best such devices in those days? Well, the good news is that the Walkman will still live on in Sony's product lineup, and the latest Walkman-branded device to leave Sony's factories for sale on the market today is a new smartphone known as the W8, which Sony claims combines "Walkman functionality with smartphone fundamentals" to provide a great user experience.

Sony Ericsson claims that the W8 Walkman phone features a unique user interface similar to the one found on its Xperia mini product lineup, and that it can reportedly be user-customised for one-touch access to their most commonly used applications. In addition, the company has confirmed that the W8 will also come bundled with various standard features such as a 3.2 megapixel camera and wireless connectivity via 3G and WiFi, along with various other Walkman staples such as a Walkman-themed UI and widgets, while the smartphone's display is provided by a three-inch capacitive touchscreen capable of HVGA resolutions, which Sony Ericsson claims is perfect for mobile gaming, browsing the web or watching Youtube videos.

The W8's hardware is a little less impressive though; Sony Ericsson has confirmed that the W8 will feature a 600MHz processor and up to 128MB of built in memory, although the company was quick to point out that users can always expand the phone's available storage with the use of microSD cards of up to 16GB.

Last but definitely not least, Sony Ericsson has announced that the W8 will be pre-loaded with version 2.1 (Eclair) of the Android operating system, along with support for the Android Market, although it made no mention about any possibility of a firmware upgrade to newer versions of Android. Still, if it is of any consolation, the company has claimed that the W8 will come with the MH 410 stereo headset as well as the MS450 stereo portable speakers.

The Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman phone is currently available for sale in Singapore at the price of S$348 and sports a total of three different color schemes, namely Azure, Metallic Red and the "iconic Walkman Orange".

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