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Sony Ericsson shares insight on design, concept and engineering of upcoming Xperia Ray

Katsuyuki Kaneko, general manager, marketing department, sales and marketing division of Sony Ericsson Japan, said that the company's ambition is to become the number one smartphone choice for consumers on Android operating system, with the Xperia line, and to be the preferred partner for smartphones and Android to deliver unique experiences. And to realize the ambition, the company has three objectives this year which include to have a vertical ramp-up of products with very intensive lineup, launch events and shop-front development; reinforce the Xperia brand and also to get into consumers' trust with the digital marketing activities. Kaneko also talked about building the Xperia World which require working with third parties including Android application awards and Xperia developers community, and working closely with Sony on some of the applications like Chan-Toru and BD-Remote (for remote control of Blu-ray player).

In terms of smartphone market, the trend is quite flat with a slight increase in 2011. The majority of the growth comes from the smartphones; the total market is around 40 million units in Japan with almost 20 million being smartphones. In terms of gender, 40% of the users are female while 60% are male.

Sony Ericsson also worked closely with the publishers to publish guidebooks that talk about the Xperia product, interviews with designers and engineers, which are sold in the bookstores. The Xperia Acro is the Xperia Arc but with additional features including near field communication (NFC) that is used for Mobile Wallet in Japan, infrared and a retractable antenna to use with 1seg, digital mobile terrestrial video and audio broadcasting service in Japan.

Kaneko also showed the Sony Music widget on the Xperia Ray that allows users to have quick access to music, music videos, photos, lyrics content, concert information etc. Apparently, Sony Music intends to sell the content on the Android Market by the end of this month with the numbers to increase as time goes. Besides paid content, there will also be free ones available for download.

Sony Ericsson has also collaborated with KOBE Collection for a rear cover campaign designed by 25 fashion brands including VICKY, WILLSELECTION, Roomy's, Armani Exchange and DRWCYS.

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