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Sony expands Handycam offerings with 12 new additions

Sony expands Handycam offerings with 12 new additions

Today, Sony Singapore unveils 12 new Handycams in High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD). The HD range showcases new HDD and Memory Stick models, while the SD range debuts new HDD, Memory Stick and DVD models.

Sony Singapore has introduced 12 new Handycams to the market – HDR-CX100 AVCHD Memory Stick series; DCR-SX60SD and DCR-SX40 Memory Stick series; HDR-XR520, HDR-XR500, HDR-XR200 and HDR-XR100 AVCHD Hard Disk Drive series; DCR-SR87, DCR-SR67 and DCR-SR47 SD Hard Disk Drive series; and DCR-DVD850 and DCR-DVD650 SD DVD series.

Sony Handycam® AVCHD Memory Stick series: HDR-CX100

Featuring three colour variations, the sleek and compact hybrid CX100 AVCHD Memory Stick Handycam® features 1920 x 1080i Full HD recording on its 8GB internal memory and direct movie recording on Memory Stick. The camcorder also incorporates Smile Shutter and Face Detection technology, Auto Backlight Correction, and the BIONZ image processor combined with “Exmor” CMOS Sensor to deliver 4.0-megapixel still image recording and Smooth Slow Recording at 240 fields per second.

Sony Handycam® SD Memory Stick series: DCR-SX60, DCR-SX40

The slim Handycam® SX-series is designed with portability and style. The compact DCR-SX40 is available in silver, blue and red, and the new series allows direct movie recording on either its internal memory of up to 16GB or Memory Stick, with a maximum recording time of approximately 11 hours . The SX-series also features a high-magnification 60x zoom lens to capture faraway subjects as well as one-touch disc burn when connected to the optional DVDirect Express (VRD-P1) DVD Writer. 

Sony Handycam® AVCHD Hard Disk Drive series: HDR-XR520, HDR-XR500, HDR-XR200, HDR-XR100

The Handycam® XR-series is Sony’s latest range of AVCHD HDD models. The flagship Handycam® HDR-XR520 boasts a 240GB HDD storage capacity for up to 101 hours of Full HD movie recording, crowning it the largest capacity camcorder in the market today. The HDR-XR520, HDR-XR500 and HDR-XR200 feature 12.0-megapixel still image recording, a Dual Recording mode that allows users to shoot up to 8.3-megapixel still images while recording video, and Smooth Slow Recording.

Integrating new “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor and BIONZ image processor technologies, the AVCHD HDD camcorders also incorporate Sony’s unique G Lens – a sophisticated, high-performance lens that has been optimized to perfectly complement this advanced image sensor and processing technology. In addition, users can shoot smoother footage while walking or running with the new Optical SteadyShot (Active Mode), thanks to its 10 times wider camera shake correction angle than conventional Optical SteadyShot technology which significantly reduces camera shake in footage even when on the move.

Sony Handycam® SD Hard Disk Drive series: DCR-SR87, DCR-SR67, DCR-SR47

Available in silver, blue and red, the DCR-SR47 allows users to choose the camcorder that complements their personal style best. In addition, the DCR-SR87 and DCR-SR67 feature Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator and a built-in zoom microphone, enabling realistic and clear surround sound during playback. A key feature of the Handycam® SR-series of HDD camcorders is its 60x high-magnification zoom lens which allows you to close-up to the subject easily.

Supported by a large storage capacity of up to 80GB, users can enjoy lengthy shooting as the SR-series allows for up to 61 hours of recording time.

Sony Handycam® SD DVD series: DCR-DVD850 and DCR-DVD650

The HDR-DVD850 features HYBRID Plus which allow movie recording on its 16GB internal memory, Memory Stick and on DVD. The HDR-DVD650 features HYBRID convenience of recording on both DVD and Memory Stick. High-magnification 60x zoom lens and built-in zoom microphones are incorporated in both models, and they feature touch panel LCDs with simple to use menus.

The Sony Handycams will be available before the IT Show 2009 next month.

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