Sony has revealed a look at their Magic Lab research and development department, hinting at a few features that might be coming like eye-tracking functionality.

PS4 Camera

During the All Access PS4 launch stream, Sony gave viewers an exclusive look at their dynamic R&D department known as Magic Lab. The lab itself is working on facilitating new features for the PlayStation 4, potentially paving the way to a host of impressive features such as being able to track a player’s eyes with the PS Camera.

The Magic Lab has also revealed that they are working with NASA and JPL in crafting an immersive experience that brings gamers into space, which holds a plethora of unique opportunities.

Whether you’re an astronomer at heart or just an amateur star-gazer, the majesty of the heavens on your television screen might be available on Sony’s next-gen console sometime in the future.

It will be interesting to see how Sony utilizes these approaches to compliment their array of functions with the PlayStation 4, and how eye tracking is integrated into gameplay.

Sony hasn’t confirmed any kind of solid info, as in release date or availability, for these features–they’re still in their early experimental stages. Hopefully we’ll hear more about them as time goes by, and one has to wonder what else the Japanese console-maker is cooking up in those magic walls.