A short 45 second video is teasing Sony PlayStation fans with a February 20 date.  Could this mean that we will finally see the official PS4 later next month?

This year’s E3 in Los Angeles, California will be an interesting one as people are speculating that major game console makers such as Sony and Microsoft will unveil or give fans official announcements as to the development and deployment dates of the next generation consoles.  Sony, however, may be jumping the gun by a few months with the PlayStation 4.  A recent video released by Sony is pointing at a February 20 unveiling date, which is a lot sooner than what most people were expecting. 

Sony could be showing off anything next month, but most console gamers are hoping that it will be the PS4.  The average console lifespan is about half a decade, and certainly anything over 10 years will deem the hardware a relic.  Therefore, the PlayStation brand is due for a makeover as it’s been sitting on retail shelves for more than 7 years.

Update: The Wall Street Journal is saying that Sony will unveil the PS4 on February 20.