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Honami Mini

Sony Honami Mini goes up against Blackberry Q10

Sony is expected to unveil the miniature version – Honami Mini – of its flagship device. Recently, some images of the purported Honami Mini next to Blackberry Q10 emerged from XDA-Developers forum.

Honami Mini

Back in July, VR-Zone had exclusive news about Sony unveiling the mini version of its flagship smartphone device. From past few weeks, Sony Honami has been the talk of the town, and people just forgot that Sony also has a miniature version in the pipeline that is expected to boast the similar specifications as the flagship device. Now, an image of the purported Honami Mini has been leaked for the first time that compares the size of the device with Blackberry Q10. The image is blurry but we can see the “Sony” logo on the device.

A new XDA member Xleaky, posted the image with a message, “You didn’t see this from me… but 4th of Sep is gonna be exciting! Thats all I’m saying!” Another XDA member did some calculations and concluded that the alleged Sony device in the image measures 109.24 x 57.88.


Blackberry Q10 measures 119.6 x 66.8 mm that is visibly bigger than the alleged Sony device. This might contradict the rumors we heard in the past suggesting that the device will boast a 4.3-inch screen. It seems as if the device will feature a 4-inch display after all.

Rumors suggest that the device will feature 720p resolution, Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM, 2,400 mAh battery and 20.7 megapixel camera with the same technology as Honami.

Let’s just take this with a grain of salt. The image could be fake but if there were no rumors about the device does not mean that it will not be released. Sony has scheduled an event for September 4th where the company is expected to unveil its flagship device  – Sony posting teasers to confirm the rumors. It seems as if  Honami Mini will see the daylight on the same event.

Source: XDA-Developers

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