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Sony increases sales projections of PS4 & manufacturers reportedly begin shipping console components



If you’re a console gamer, odds are you’re one of the millions of gamers out there who are absolutely smitten with Sony’s PlayStation 4 console.

Sony’s official pre-E3 press conference was met with considerable acclaim, and most gamers would agree that the Japanese gaming giant stole the show with their presentation, which highlighted many of the PS4’s favorable features–used games support, anti-DRM policies, and offline play just to name a few.

Due to the console’s immense popularity, online retailers have had trouble keeping up with the high demand of pre-orders. Amazon.com, for example, has opened a new wave of pre-order bundles for the PS4 as the standalone launch-day editions have been all but sold out. Amazon has also made claims that they may not be able to guarantee everyone a console on day one as their supply of systems may be limited.

Sony has acknowledged the console’s ever-growing popularity, and has officially adjusted their sales projections for the PlayStation 4 to new heights.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, PlayStation’s own Andrew House disclosed the following comment regarding Sony’s reaction to the console’s climbing acclaim:

“The company [Sony] is shifting its internal projections for the product after favourable reactions to the company’s presentation [at E3] on Monday”.

House also admitted that the “demand may well outstrip supply” and possibly overwhelm retailers and suppliers both–which is something that GameStop execs have also feared.


Additional reports have come in regarding the shipping timeframe of PlayStation 4 components, which seem to have already begun this month. Apparently suppliers have started shipping orders for the console, and the orders themselves are expected to reach a possible one million units a month by the end of September.

Based on sources in the upstream supply chain, shipping of Microsoft’s Xbox One components are to begin sometime in Q3, giving Sony a lead to better prepare their consoles for the hustle and bustle of pre-orders and day one launches across the globe.

The PS4 is reportedly to be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics. whereas the Xbox One is believed to be manufactured by Pegatron Technology. Each of the consoles will reportedly feature components from a variety of companies including  Lite-On IT, Kinko Optical, Newmax, Elite Advanced Laser and many more.

Be advised, however, that these claims are made by unofficial sources and haven’t been officially confirmed, therefore they must be taken as rumor and not as fact.

In any case, it is interesting to see Sony’s reaction to the gaming world’s quite positive reaction to the PlayStation 4, and that the gaming titan is paying attention to the demand and aiming to prepare retailers for the massive influx of purchases and pre-orders.

If Sony does have the upper hand in terms of component shipping times, they may very well come out on top in terms of preparedness, leaving Microsoft with the possibility of a hectic launch–but of course these facts have yet to be confirmed

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is available for pre-order across the web and is expected to launch sometime during this year’s holiday season for $399.

For more information be sure to check our PlayStation 4 archive or Sony’s official website.

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