With a durable rubber-coated headband and housing, the unique design of the MDR-PQ3 reduces any possible impact damage and scratches that can come after a few vigorous skateboard flips and tricks. Aided by Neodymium magnet driver units, the MDR-PQ3 is big on both sound and aesthetics, and available in four funky colours.


Available in brightly coloured hues, the MDR-PQ4 in-ear headphones come with a cord slider to prevent tangled cords, as well as hybrid silicone rubber ear buds of different sizes for maximum comfort. It also features a unique ear-clip design that allows users to clip the headphones to their earlobes for a secure, snug fit during vigorous activities such as cycling or dancing.


The MDR-PQ5 open-ear headphones stand out with its distinctive gas mask inspired design in four stunning colour combinations. Superior sound quality is achieved with the bass booster earpiece for a more distinct bass sound.