Sony announced new accessories for their smartphones and tablets. Introducing the SBH50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset with an OLED display and NFC support and the IM750 MHL to HDMI adapter.

Accessories often add to the fun of using your smart devices, and fortunately that is the case with Sony's latest new accessories, the SBH50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset with an OLED display and IM750 MHL to HDMI adapter.

Sony SBH50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

The newly introduced SBH50 accessory is a step above the older SBH20 model that went on sale last month. With an elongated body and an OLED display, you have a radically different looking product that (by the way) looks stunning.

Sony's SBH50 Bluetooth headset supports stereo audio output (as the name suggests). The accessory has Bluetooth 3.0, built-in FM radio, a 115 mAh battery that should last a full eight hours on a single charge, and of course NFC. One thing we left out is the tiny 128 x 36 pixels OLED display capable of reading messages and keeping track of calls. Simple and effective!

The SBH50 should be available in most regions soon with a price tag north of 50 Euros. It will be available in two color schemes, black and white respectively.



Sony IM750 MHL to HDMI Adapter

Sony's new IM750 MHL to HDMI adapter is now available on Sony Mobile's UK website. This handy little Sony branded adapter allows you to connect your smartphone to an HDMI-enabled TV directly, and hence display content from your smartphone on the larger screen.

You can own one of these cute little useful adapters for as little as £29.99, inclusive of all taxes, which does look a bit steep to us for an adapter. Well, thankfully there are always plenty of other aftermarket options available!

Source: Sony Mobile & Shop Sony Mobile


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