Sony’s new PS4 commercial aired during tonight’s broadcast of Monday Night Football, and featured whimsical cross-overs from PlayStation titles including Drive Club, Elder Scrolls Online, and Killzone: Shadow Fall set in the tune of Lou Reed’s classic song “Perfect Day”.

New PS4 commercial 2

The commercial shows two players taking the roles of characters from multiple games: in the first scene, our duo takes on the respective forms of a Breton and a Nord from ESO, who then proceed to batter each other with medieval weapons–all while singing “Perfect Day” in unison.

The trailer is short and sweet, but fits right in with Sony’s recent “Greatness Awaits” commercial that take viewers on a dramatized journey into the heart of the PS4 experience, touching upon the thrills of high-speed racing, definitive sci-fi combat, and a variety of other scenarios that mirror the console’s array of various launch and incoming titles.

The PS4 drops on Nov. 15, 2013 for a retail price of $399, and for more info head on over to Sony’s official PS4 site.

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