Sony’s latest gaming console makes its way to Indian shores, a full year ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One. However, high pricing on next-gen games by publishers might affect sales.


The PlayStation 4 is now officially available to buy in India. The console is available on major e-commerce stores, and will be available on store shelves from January 6th, 2014. Sony has already sold 2.1 million PS4 units in the first two weeks of availability, and its launch in India will only serve to bolster that number. The console is retailing for $650 (Rs. 39,990) in India, which is $250 more than its retail value in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One would not be available in India until late 2014. Microsoft is trying to collaborate with local media outlets in bringing Indian-oriented content on the console. Microsoft has not fared well as far as sales of the Xbox 360 are concerned, with Sony’s PlayStation 3 outselling the Xbox 360 three to one in the country. This is even after Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 a full year ahead of the PS3.

However, Sony also has a few hurdles of its own with the PS4 in India. The latest slew of next-gen games from EA like Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and NBA Live will cost around $75 (Rs. 4,499). Titles like Assassins’ Creed 4: Black Flag, NBA 2K14, Just Dance 2014 and Injustice: Gods Among Ultimate Edition will cost a similar amount, although the pricing information for these games hasn’t been divulged yet. Sony needs to figure out how it tackles this issue, mainly in India, where pirated games are usually the norm. It will be a hard sell convincing gamers in the country to shell out $75 a game.

Source: PlayStation India




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