Sony is ending its historical 13-year production run of the PlayStation 2 in Japan.  No word on production for other countries.

Sony Corporation has ended their Japanese production of its best-selling gaming system, the PlayStation 2.  First going on sale in March of 2000 in Japan, more than 150 million of the gaming consoles were sold.  The PS2 became so popular that it outsold the PS3 for the first 3 years it came out.

When the PS2 was introduced, it was quite the innovation with its ability to run DVDs back when they were just being seen as a new video viewing medium.  This machine predated cell phone use by the masses, and the Internet was just beginning to catch on.

Not only did the PS2 become a popular gaming system, it broke all kinds of sales and production records worldwide.  According to Sony they have sold over 150 million units, and seen over 11 thousand game titles come about for it.  Of those game titles, over 1.5 billion games have been sold. 

And while the system is ending its record breaking 13-year run in Japan, Sony said that games would continue to be produced and marketed for the PS2 console.  There has not been any word if other countries will see a PS2 production end, but the odds are they will soon follow suit.

Sony has not released any upcoming reports on any release dates for a PS4. However, many gaming techs are saying Sony may soon begin marketing the PlayStation 4 system in March of 2013.