Without much delay, Sony begins rolling out the promised 4.46 software fix for the PS3 4.45 system software glitch that bricked many systems.

Sony PS3 4.46 system update

Like a perfect gentleman, Sony began rolling out the promised 4.46 system software update for the PS3 console, 10 days after the system-breaking bug-containing 4.45 software version was rolled out, bricking many owner’s precious console (they had to survive 10 days without gaming, imagine their plight!).

More than a week ago, a PS3 system software update, version 4.45, broke the system for many people. But with the update now arrived, owners whose console is bricked have a minor task ahead to revive their system. You can find the detailed steps on the Sony Playstation US support site (click me).

Apart from the glitch fix (a major one at that), the 4.46 system software update adds a new feature, the ability to hide notifications received, such as when you win a trophy in a game. Apart from that, the issue of the XMB menu not showing up after the 4.45 update is fixed. Cool Sony… Cool.

To download the PS3 software update, hit the source link posted below.

Source: Sony PlayStation US