Looks like Sony isn’t completely done with their PlayStation 3 console yet, despite announcing their next-generation hardware. It seems that the company is working on a process shrink version, featuring a 28nm RSX and 22nm Cell processor.

PS3 RSX Cell die shrink  (2)

There are many who don’t want to buy either of the next-generation consoles. Varying reasons include high price, uncertainty regarding the price of AAA games (might be higher than $60), launch hardware might have defects etc. The time is ripe to buy a previous generation console which will continue to offer a generation full of amazing titles, endless hours of quality gaming experience and a console optimized and pushed to its limits for the best possible experience (example, ‘The Last of Us’ on the PS3). Me? I’d love to buy a $199 PS3 if Sony were to introduce one. Lucky for me (and perhaps many others), the company might just be making something like that.

In a tweet made by Digital Foundry to popular icon in the technology journalism world Anand Lal Shimpi, the Eurogamer division revealed that Sony might be working on a revision of the PS3 console. The new revision will be a major one as it would shrink the Nvidia RSX (graphics unit) down to 28nm, and the heart and power of the PS3, the Cell processor down to 22nm. The advantages? These new chips will be much smaller than the current chips that power the PS3, will consume much less power and will probably generate lesser heat. All this will lead to needing a smaller power supply, cheaper cooling components (as heat dissipated is lesser) and a dimensionally smaller console box too.

PS3 RSX Cell die shrink  (1)

Yes, me and you are thinking the same thing. The PS3 might get a “super-slim” version in 2014, and it might get a big price cut with it too. Personally, I’d love to hook up a 500 GB PS3 sold for $199 to my HDTV and enjoy 8 years of amazing titles released for the console so far, with many more yet to come.