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Sony pushes out “experimental API” for illumination bar, more power to developers

Sony has released a new “experimental API” targeted at niche developers who want to put the illumination bar in support Sony Smartphones to better, more innovative use.

Sony Mobile Illumination experimental API

Ignore the terrible viewing angles for a second

Sony has always been the company that supports the community, so much so that the mobile division of Sony ended up winning XDA’s ‘Best OEM’ award in 2012. Well, you don’t get such an award for nothing, and Sony proves it yet again that they are truly deserving of the title bestowed to them. Sony Mobile has released an “experimental API” that will allow developers to put the illumination bar in many of Sony’s phones to better and perhaps more innovative use. If the community demands it (and the demand is strong enough), Sony will release other experimental APIs much like this one that will help developers experiment further. However, no official support and only limited documentation are being provided in the API.

With this API, developers are given control of the LED illumination bar, allowing them to tweak various settings such as the frequency of pulses, color of the LED, pre-defined fading patterns, etc. You all know how this works, and if not, do check out the cool beats effect that the illumination bar on the Xperia SP displays when playing a song.

Here’s the list of phones which fully support the API:

– Xperia SP
– Xperia ZL
– Xperia ZR
– Xperia UL
– Xperia A

Here’s the list of partially supported phones (pre-defined fading pattern support is less extensive on these phones):

– Xperia U
– Xperia L
– Xperia S (white color only)
– Xperia SL
– Xperia P (white color only)
– Xperia Sola
– Xperia Ion
– Xperia Acro HD
– Xperia GO
– Xperia M
– Xperia M Dual

For more information related to the API and how to use it, head over to the Sony Mobile developers blog (link posted below).

Source: Sony Mobile developers blog

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