Upgrading the firmware on a digital camera is probably something which most users neglect, but the potential performance gains from doing so can sometimes be significant. And the latest firmware update from Sony for the NEX camera lineup is probably something which should not be passed over, considering the number of improvements it is supposedly able to bring about.

Just like how motherboards need the occasional BIOS updates for greater compatibility, bug fixes and the occasional extra features, digital camera manufacturers are warming up to the idea of releasing firmware updates as fixes for certain issues pointed faced by consumers. And Sony’s NEX cameras are the latest batch of digital imaging devices to receive a new firmware update, which the company claims will improve the device’s usability and performance.

According to Sony, Firmware 0.3 for the NEX line of compact cameras with interchangeable lenses sports a UI tweak, which will ostensibly make it easier for users to navigate the NEX’s extensive menu. In addition, the new firmware will also unlock the Aperture Priority setting for use when the camera is set to video mode, a feature which allows photographers a greater degree of control over the recording’s depth of field.

Last but definitely not least, the updated firmware will also grant the NEX the ability to autofocus when used with the larger A-mount lenses designed for the Sony Alpha DSLR cameras. However, Sony has stated that this feature will require that the A-mount adapter also be updated with new firmware in order to gain the aforementioned support for autofocus.

The firmware file is already available for download on Sony’s local homepage at http://www.sony.com.sg/support/download/product/nex-5d and is available in both Windows and Mac versions.

Source: Electronista


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