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Rumor: Sony has ‘plenty of new PS4 announcements’ on the way, AAA titles may come to PS Plus

A well-known industry source and Sony employee claims that the Japanese gaming giant is planning a slew of new announcements in the gaming sector.

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The PlayStation 4 console has seen stellar sales in the last few months, and if recent rumors can be believed Sony is just getting started. After seeing 6 million PS4 units moved to date, it appears Sony has a myriad of new announcements and content planned to bolster their stake in the gaming realm.

The rumors come by way of a well-known NeoGAF user with the handle DemonNite, who also happens to be a Sony employee. The user has recently made claims in forum posts on Sony’s future plans for the PS4, saying that there is “plenty to come” in the way of announcements and content:

Originally Posted by terrier

“Great numbers. But sony, do not rest on laurels, there’s a long way to go.”

“No one is resting, plenty to come and new announcements this year.”

These rumors are given further credence by Ahsan Rasheed, who uses the alter-ego of “Thuway” on the NeoGAF forums. In a recent Tweet, Rasheed, who apparently spoke to a Sony representative, essentially echoed the claims made by DemonNite but adds in a nice tidbit of his own:

Rasheed’s claims do shed some light on the possibilities, pointing toward actual AAA PS4 games being offered on Sony’s premium PlayStation Plus subscription. While this is unverified, it would be a welcome addition to the service as PS4 owners haven’t had the best lineup when it comes to their free monthly game.

At this point PS3 and PS Vita owners get the most benefit from the service’s instant game collection. To be fair, though, the service’s PS4 offering is still new…but it can be a bit disappointing to see great AAA favorites offered on PS3 for free if you only have a PlayStation 4.

Essentially it’s not a far stretch to assume that Sony is indeed fortifying the PlayStation brand by laying out plans for more content in the way of software, hardware, peripherals etc. Both the PS4 and Xbox One have been out for months, but the battle proper has just begun, and both sides will no-doubt continue their campaigns by introducing more diversified games, console updates, and innovative hardware add-ons.


While it’s important to remember to take all rumors with a grain of salt, the only real factor that seems to be iffy on these accounts is the timing structure. It’s likely that Sony will bring select PS4 games to PS Plus, but we might not see it for while–especially since PS Now is in the works.

Sony may take a little while before they are unveiling their big announcements, but there will assuredly be tidbits here and there–such as indie releases on PS Plus and the like–before they drop a big bomb with, say, the long-rumored PS4 VR headset.

It will be interesting to see what Sony has in store for the PS4’s future, and this year’s E3 Expo will assuredly hold a bounty of exciting revelations for the console gaming world. We might even see that strange AR modular controller that Sony filed patents on.

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