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Sony Santa Monica reveals that a new God of War game is ‘incoming’

God of War Kratos

In a recent Tweet, the developers at Sony Santa Monica have revealed that a new God of War game is in the works–and have even linked to a short but sweet teaser reel that shows off some interesting gameplay footage.

Kratos–the series’ iconic ultra-violent demigod–is noticeably absent in the footage, which features two indistinct armored fighters dishing out some pretty impressive and stylish movies against one another. The gameplay mechanics seem to suggest that the upcoming release may be some sort of arena-type bloodsport game, as the two gladiators are battling in what appears to be a ring made explicitly for this purpose.

Along with the two combatants, there is a mysterious figure who watches the mayhem atop the ring who adds even more mystery to the mix.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this footage and what kind of game the new God of War release is–whether its a story-based adventure or a multiplayer-type fighter–and if Sony Santa Monica is planning a PS4 release. The revealed video paints the picture of possible alpha footage of the game as the graphics aren’t very clearly represented, but the fast-paced combat is impressively fluid.

In any case, we’ll likely hear more about this new release in the next coming weeks–and maybe an official reveal at this year’s Gamescom in Europe.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated when more information comes to light, but until then head on over to Instagram to see the footage in action.

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