The “It’s Coming” marketing scheme deployed by many companies these days can get a bit stale, and one of Sony’s latest campaigns to peak the interests of consumers is no different.  Nonetheless, here’s another “mystery” Sony product which the company has been teasing people with via a Facebook post of an “egg”.

We all get what the egg is in reference to, but what we don’t know is what’s inside the Easter egg.  Although, we’re hoping that it's something along the line of a PS4-related product will hatch from mysterious egg-shaped, Iron Man-inspired, thing. 

However, Sony recently announced some sort of partnership with Ovosonico, whose logo is also an egg.  Ovosonico is an indie studio specializing in “designing and developing original, unconventional and artistically-crafted video games.”  Hence, there’s a high possibility that the Sony egg teaser has something to do with Ovosonico, and maybe perhaps a title the studio is developing for the PS4.