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Sony Singapore Announces New Hybrid Voice Recorders and Headphones


Sony Singapore has announced their new hybrid voice recorders designed with high quality audio recording and larger storage capacity of up to 8GB. The maker has also launched three new headphones for audiophiles with improved sound resolution and cushioned earpads for comfortable use. Read on for the product releases.

Sony Singapore presents its latest range of voice recorders from the ICD-SX and ICD-UX series, offering a variety of stylish colour choices, high quality voice recording and larger storage capacities of up to 8GB. In addition to integrating a new Noise Cut function that effectively minimises low and high frequency ambient noise that allows for clearer audio playback, the ICD-SX and ICD-UX series is available in a variety of colours that complement the VAIO Z and CS series notebooks perfectly.

ICD-SX series: High performance, high quality business applications – ICD-SX750, ICD-SX850, ICD-SX950
Perfect for interviews, meetings, and live recordings, the new SX series boasts CD quality recording in Linear PCM (44.1kHz/16 bit) or MP3 Stereo format. The SX series also features not one but three uni-directional microphones, tripling microphone sensitivity. The uni-directional microphones also reduce ambient noise significantly, capturing accurate recordings from all directions. Additionally, the SX and UX series recorders feature the Noise Cut function, which reduces low and high frequency ambient noise generated from electronic equipment such as projectors, making it is easy to listen to human voices during playback.

Besides audio playback in MP3 and WMA formats, the versatile SX series offers the option of recording in MP3 stereo, eliminating the hassle of file conversions when transferring recordings to the computer. Designed for business users, the SX series comes with an external telephone recording microphone so users can conveniently record phone interviews and conference calls. Users can also select from five recording settings – dictation, meeting, sensitive, music and manual – which allow them to record podcasts or music at optimum quality levels.

The SX series sports a sleek new design with a gloss finishing. Doubling the storage capacities of its predecessors, the new series is now available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB models capturing double the number of music clips, interviews and performance tracks it can store. It also features an extended battery life of 19 hours.

ICD-UX series: User-friendly, all-in-one stereo voice recorders

Integrated with a slew of functions such as stereo recording, music playback, data storage as well as recording and playback of FM radio, the UX series is a handy lifestyle companion. For radio lovers, the UX series is the only ICD recorder in Sony’s voice recorder range that integrates an FM tuner. In addition, it also features stereo recording in MP3 format as well as a Digital Pitch Control that allows the speed of recording playback to be easily adjusted. Available in pink, gold, red, silver and black, the slim new UX series voice recorders bring portability and design to new levels and are perfect complements to its stylish users.

Sporting a more convenient USB slider design, users can enjoy fuss-free drag and drop file transfers and eliminate the need for USB cables. Compared to its predecessor, the new ICD-UX recorder features a larger five-line LCD display at 18.6mm, improving readability and ease of use. Similar to the SX series, the ICD-UX recorder has doubled storage capacities of up to 8GB and an extended battery life compared to its predecessor, allowing for approximately 14.5 hours of continuous recording in long play mode.

The new ICD-SX and ICD-UX voice recorders are available now at all Sony authorised retailers.

Suggested retail prices (inclusive of GST) are as follow:

Model Available Colours Suggested Retail Price
SX Series 
ICD-SX750 (2GB) Silver S$299
ICD-SX850 (4GB) Premium Black, Bordeaux S$359
ICD-SX950 (8GB) Premium Black To be advised

UX Series 
ICD-UX200F (2GB) Pink, Silver, Black S$189
ICD-UX300F (4GB) Pink, Silver, White S$259
ICD-UX400F (8GB) Red, Black, Champagne Gold S$349

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