Sony is well-known for most electronics products, but this is probably the first time we have heard the company announced new external hard disks. Available in stylish black, pink and silver flavors, the Sony external hard disks feature advanced technologies and smart A/V features that lets you access data safely and conveniently.

Sony has unveiled their latest external hard drives which offer users great ease of use and safer data storage and backup. The new Sony HD-EG5 and HD-EG5U are the company's first ever external hard drives, available in a slim and stylish black, silver and pink case, and weighs just 220g that makes them ideal for carrying wherever they go. The new drives are USB 3.0 compatible and use pre-loaded Data Transfer Accelerator software to accelerate transfer speeds up to three times faster compared to data transfer without this software, thus making them one of the fastest 2.5-inch hard drives on the market. The software also claims to boost transfer speeds when connected to a USB 2.0 port, up to two times faster than without using the software.
With the Password Protection Manager software, you can lock all or part of the drive using advanced AES 256-bit encryption, so only password-holders will have access to protected data. The Backup Manager also lets users set up automatic backups on any PC, and saves time by intelligently recognising and backing up only data that has been added or modified. The FAT32 formatter software is also included for users to convert their drives for use with FAT32 compatible hardware. Owners of Sony Handycam camcorders and PlayStation 3 game console will appreciate the AV Link features of the HD-EG5U, which makes playback of AVCHD video on a PlayStation 3 quick and painless. Users just need to connect the drive to the Handycam with a USB adapter cable, copy the video, then hook up the drive to the PlayStation 3 to view the videos using Sony’s Filmy software, without a PC.

The Sony external hard drives are currently available in 500GB capacity, which is sufficient to store your documents, videos, holiday photographs etc. The Sony HD-EG5 and HD-EG5U hard drives will be available in Asia Pacific from November 2011.

Model Name Capacity Model Description Colour
HD-EG5/BC /SC /PC 500GB 2.5-inch Standard 500GB Black, Silver, Pink
HD-EG5U/BC 500GB 2.5-inch AV Link 500GB Black