Sony PSP Go

If you are planning to get the Sony PSP Go this Christmas, here’s a piece of good news. The Japanese company is lowering the price of the handheld game console by 37%, meaning the new retail price will be around US$199 from its launch price of US$249.

Sony will be cutting the price of its PSP Go by 37%, which is a great discount for those who are looking to get the portable handheld game console this festive season. The price cut is also to boost the sales of the PSP Go which has been rather disappointing in the past months.

According to news sources, the new pricing of the PSP Go will be at US$199 as compared to the launch price of US$249. In Japan, the pricing is adjusted to 16,800 yen, which is around US$208. Well, considering the US dollars is falling and the Japanese yen is still relatively strong, it may be worthwhile to order from US if you intend to buy online.

Source: Wall Street Journal