Sony Alpha

Yesterday, Sony South East Asia invited the local media to check out the latest Sony Alpha 33 and Alpha 55 digital SLR cameras that were globally announced yesterday. Incorporating a translucent mirror technology, the cameras boast full-time, TTL phase-detection autofocusing during live view and movie shooting, and high speed continuous shooting with continuous autofocus (AF).

“The Alpha series consist of the A-mount and E-mount. For the E-mount, we have the NEX-5 and NEX-3 which are very popular after they were launched. The A-mount is catered to our conventional Alpha customers who want to enjoy photography with interchangeable lens. It has been our ongoing challenge since our entry to this business in 2006, to give our customers the ability to do more. We have come up with our new translucent mirror technology that provides an always ‘on’ AF for continuous shooting and movie recording,” says Tatsuo Nakazawa, Deputy General Manager, Marketing Dept., Personal Imaging and Sound Business Group. (left in picture)

Koutaro Kawabe, Project Leader in Product Design Dept., Imaging Division, Personal Imaging & Sound Business Group (right in picture), continues and explains about how the translucent mirror technology works and the various camera features including 10fps continuous shooting with AF tracking, quick AF Full HD movie recording and Advanced Quick AF Live View.

Here’s a look at the translucent mirror technology, which lets you see through . (credit: Chester Chen aka JamCanSing for looking through the mirror).