At the CES 2011 where various manufacturers are showcasing their products, including the smartphones and tablet devices, Sony has said that it aims to be the world’s second largest tablet maker by 2012 although the company has none to show yet.

A Sony senior executive said that the company aims to be the world’s number two tablet device manufacturer by 2012 and adds that the PlayStation phone was also a potential opportunity. However, if you are at the CES show this weel, you will not see a Sony tablet there, which is strange considering many companies have already come up with theirs: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Droid Xoom, RIM PlayBook, Cisco Cius etc.

Howard Stringer, chairman, CEO and president of Sony Corporation USA, said that the company was biding its time and considering whether the tablet offering should have 3D capability. Well, time is ticking and the company has lots to catch up on, especially if it plans to meet that goal by 2012.

Source: Reuters