Sony’s upcoming event scheduled for the 25th of June will not just bring in a gorilla-sized phablet, but a cute little new smart watch as well.

Sony SmartWatch

Sony has made a couple of new tweets that lead us to believe only the obvious, that the company is working on a new smart watch. Here’s where it gets even more exciting, the new smart watch product might get an official announcement as soon as next week, in the Shanghai-based Sony Mobile media event scheduled for June 25th. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, MAE stands for “Mobile Asia Expo“.

One of the tweets point out that Sony was the first company to launch a smart watch, back in 2007. The company couldn’t have been more obvious in its tweets that they are indeed working on another smart watch. Whatever the company is hiding up its sleeves, we eagerly await the media event scheduled for next Wednesday, largely in part to see the world’s first 6.44-inch (gargantuan) 1080p Snapdragon 800 bearing phablet.