Sony is trying to milk the moment as much as it can with the PlayStation 4.  In late February, Sony teased everyone with an overhyped (but also under-delivered) event to officially announce the PS4, but there were no PS4 consoles in sight.  Instead, the event was merely to announce some developing games, peripherals, and specs of the console.

Disappointing as it may be that gamers have yet to see their next-gen console, Sony is at again but this time the Japanese tech firm is lifting the dress to show off some of the PS4’s curves—albeit, very blurry.  For those that have an eyesight and reflex that’s quick enough to catch some of the PS4’s physique, you’ll notice that the video threw at us some instant snapshots of some straight and edgy profiles.

E3 is just around the corner, and one of the expo’s highlights is possibly the actual unveiling of the PS4.  Let’s all hope Sony doesn’t disappoint us this time around, too.