In appreciation of continued support for series like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear for more than 25 years, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan happily unveils a new PS3…Lunch Box!

Themed lunch boxes may be far from being a staple of tech news, but this one might interest you in many "tech" ways. Presenting the new PS3 Lunch Box! Unveiled on December 14, 2012, this special limited edition item was a token of appreciation from Sony Computer Entertainment for the continued support of long running series like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear (yes, even though they didn't originally come from the Playstation console).  It was dubbed as "the Ultimate Theme Lunch Box".

As it is slated to be released in Japan, the shape and form of the lunch box is that of a bentou, or a Japanese meal box. This particular type is that of a juubako, or a nest box type bentou. The cover on top of the lunch box is of course, the unmistakable top portion of your average PS3, with the proportions accurate to about 0.1mm of the original (albeit a bit modified though to add to the aesthetic quality of its design).

And speaking of design, it has been claimed that the lunch box was made with the highest woodworking and laser etching techniques that were available to the designers. Not that it means anything too critical for us who won't really get their hands on the item (or don't care about those details), but it does look quite impressive for a simple nested/stacked lunch box to have such high-quality design. In addition, it is also claimed that it's absolutely safe to put any kind of food in it, no need to worry about accidentally damaging it with "certain" condiments.

The dimensions of the PS3 lunch box are 230 x 290 x 145mm, and there are at least two stackable boxes as seen in the sample images. Though it looks quite ready to use in the images, this is actually not the final version yet. Sony still plans on unveiling the finalized version on December 18, 2012.

Source: 4Gamer (JP)