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Sony Vaio Tap 20 and E-Series 14P Fall 2012 delayed until November

There are a few selected Japanese Vaio Tap 20 and Vaio E-Series 14P Fall 2012 models that will have their release delayed until November/December 2012.

Earlier this month, Sony unveiled the two updated VAIO models that would support the new Windows 8 OS, the VAIO Tap 20 and the VAIO E-Series 14P Fall 2012 version. However, a recent announcement in Japan has revealed that the release dates for the two new product lines are to be extended, at least until November to December 2012. Sony officially stated that the cause of the release date extension was due to certain manufacturing delays.

Both the VAIO Tap 20 and E-Series 14P Fall 2012 version feature hybrid options that combine the functionality of regular PC's with mobile tablets, which was largely inspired by the dual OS-type functionality presented by Windows 8 (using both the standard and modern UI). The Tap 20 features an all-in-one "slab" type PC, while the E-Series 14P Fall 2012 version is a step-up from its earlier incarnation, updated with the Windows 8 OS and a touchscreen for easy access of its modern UI.

The models that are included in the release date extension are as follows:

For the Sony VAIO Tap 20:

  • SVJ20217CJW
  • SVJ20218CJW
  • SVJ20219CJW
  • SVJ2021AJ

For the Sony VAIO E-Series 14P Fall 2012 version:

  • SVE14A29CJS
  • SVE14A2AJ

Sony has previously announced that these models are to be released at the same date as the official release of Windows 8 (October 26, 2012). With the extension announced, it is expected that the date will most likely move to November (Tap 20) or by the start of December (E-Series 14P). Japanese consumers won't have to wait that long though, because the exact release date will be announced soon.

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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