Sony Walkman

The Sony Walkman Cassette player has been around for more than thirty years, and perhaps many of us aren’t familiar with it, thanks to the digital age. Recently, the Japanese company has announced that once the final batch produced in Japan, in April this year are sold out, that will be the end of the product line. Goodbye Sony Walkman, its been nice knowing you.

Due to lackluster sales of the Sony Walkman Cassette Player, the company has decided to halt production of the popular product. According to Sony, the last batch of the portable cassette player was produced in Japan in April, and once that sells out, it’s Walkman no more. (Well, there are still Walkman MP3 players though).

The Sony Walkman was launched in 1979 and has been around for over thirty years, selling over 220 million units worldwide, but the journey is soon to be over. However, the “Walkman” branding will still continue on the MP3 players (and even Sony Ericsson music phones).

Sony also said that it will continue to produce CDs and mini-disc players, despite their decreased popularity.

Source: PC Magazine