Ambitious fiscal year end sales target would mean Sony would have to sell over a million consoles a month.

PS4 controller

During its keynote at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony outlined its ambitious sales goals for the Playstation 4: five million consoles sold by the time its fiscal year ends on March 31.

To put this goal in context, the PS3 sold 3.55 million units between November 2006 and March 2007. Microsoft, in comparison, took an entire calendar year — 12 months — to sell its first five million Xbox 360s.

What makes Sony’s targets particularly ambitious is the fact that it won’t be available in most of Asia until December, and Japan until February. Sony is relying heavily on a strong launch in North America and Europe to meet this target.

Microsoft hasn’t yet announced sales targets for the Xbox One, which launches on November 22.

The PS4 launches in North America on November 15 and Europe on November 29.

Source: Sony