Always a high-profile IFA participant, Sony could be planning to make this year’s Berlin electronics trade show an event to remember, reportedly prepping a pair of high-end smartphones, plus some sort of Xperia Z2 Tablet sequel or spin-off.


As IFA 2014 draws near, the rumor rollercoaster is about to spin out of control, with Samsung and Sony among the mobile players battling for the German capital’s limelight. Clearly, it’s going to take something big to draw the media attention away from Galaxy Note 4’s hotly anticipated “Unpacking”.

Can the Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact pull it off? What if they get support from a Z3 Tablet as well? Sounds like Sony is really going out of its way to impress, although let’s treat the Z3 Tablet speculation as unsubstantiated gossip at the moment.

Based on data pulled from Postel, Indonesia’s FCC counterpart, Sony is in the certification stages of SGP621 development. What’s the SGP621? Ah, yes, that’s the big mystery. Judging from the model number, it’s a new installment in the Xperia Tablet series.


The Tablet Z was the SGP321, the Z2 Tablet goes by SGP521, so it seems safe to assume the SGP621 is a Z3 Tablet. With 4G LTE support on-board. But maybe there’s something more about the slate than what meets the eye.

Remember, the 10.1-inch Z2 Tablet debuted in March, and didn’t exactly become a raging box-office hit. Its predecessor bowed in stores a year earlier, so it makes little sense for a third-gen 10 incher to go official so soon.

Bottom line, something tells us the SGP321 is no humdrum high-end-but-far-too-extravagant new 10 incher. But rather a more budget-conscious 8 incher. Maybe a super-sized Z Ultra sequel with no voice call capabilities. Those are just wild guesses though, so let’s wait and see what next month’s IFA brings to light.

Sources: Xperia Blog, Postel


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