Valve has announced that they won't be exhibiting at E3 2013. This came after ValveTime asked Doug Lombardi if they were going to exhibit at E3 and showcase HL3 (Half Life 3).

Valve has made it official that they will not be exhibiting at E3 2013. This comes after announcements from 2K Games and Nintendo that their companies won't be holding any events at the show, which puts a dampener on the exciting mood that usually surrounds the annual entertainment expo.

The biggest tragedy is that another year has passed and Gabe Newell's Valve has yet to drop us any headcrabs (or anything at all) related to the concluding part of the epic Half Life series, with the last installment of the the crowbar wielding Gorden Freeman (Episode 2) being released back in 2007.

Despite all this, E3 2013 is still likely to be as entertaining as ever as with both Sony and Microsoft showing off new features and titles based on their next generation consoles. Sony has already lifted the lid off some aspects of their next-gen PlayStation 4 with Microsoft gearing up to do the same in just under a month from now. 

Source: DSOGaming


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