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Space gray first generation iPad mini now in stock at select Apple Retail Stores

At its iPad event on October 22, Apple announced that it is replacing the black and slate color of the original iPad mini with space gray. Select Apple brick-and-mortar stores now have the new color option in stock.


The space gray color was originally launched last month with the iPhone 5S, it replaced the traditional black color that Apple has always offered for its tablets and smartphones. This change brings a new color option to the lineup, one that’s not too different from the all black color, meaning that those who want their devices to be black, may also be satisfied with the color combination that is space gray.

Apple said at the event that the first generation iPad mini, the one without Retina display, will receive the new space gray color and will no longer be available in black. Select Apple Retail Stores now have the tablets in stock, but availability isn’t widespread across all stores. It would be wise to call your local store ahead to confirm availability before heading down. Various reports suggest that some of these stores have already sold out of their initial batch.

Unlike the Retina iPad mini, customers won’t have to wait for the space gray first generation iPad mini. It is not known right now when the former is going to be launched, Apple has only said that it will be available later in November.

Source: AppleInsider

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