Some Xbox development team members have or will get a white Xbox One, but for those that aren’t directly affiliated with the group, the price of a white Xbox One is $11,300—sort of.


Microsoft’s Xbox Live programming lead Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) recently put up a white Xbox One for a charity auction on eBay, and the final bid helped raised $11,300 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

If you’re interested (and have several grand to blow) on a white Xbox One, you will have to do some serious hunting as the eBay listing is the “ONLY other version of the game console available to the general public.”  One could track down a Microsoft employee that owns one of these machines and pay him a mighty sum for it.

Alternatively, you can just buy the retail version and get by that way.  The thing is, though, it won’t be white and it won’t have the label “I MADE THIS” etched into the front of the machine.