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Spend just $30 to “Root any Android” device

Rooting your Android phone is usually fast and easy but most importantly free. So it really comes into our radar if someone tries to sell you a software to root your phone for as high as $30.

There are developers all over the world (most can be found at the famous XDA Developers forum) that find root exploits for newly released phones and then reveal their methods, for free. And then there are borderline fishy websites such as root-android.org that try to put a price for the same thing. If you were looking for a way to root your phone and got directed to this website, stop right there.

"Root Any Android" is a software sold by the said website that "garrantees" to root your Android device, for a fee of $30.

The Auto Rooting software is specially designed to work with all Android devices in the world today. This includes all Android tablets, phones, computers, and e-Readers. It does not matter what version of Android you are running, The Rooting Software works with all of them. – root-android.org

First of all, you can root your device for free. You shouldn't have to spend a dime on rooting your phone or tablet. If you haven't found a solution yet, dig deeper (Captain Obvious: Use Google). Secondly, the root method is unique to some phones and not all phones can be rooted by the same technique and also, OTA updates (by OEMs) usually patch up known root exploits thereby forcing the developers to find new ways to root their phones.

Now note that we aren't claiming that the software won't work. We just simply want to point out that your $30 can be spent elsewhere (for better causes like a paypal donation to indie developers).

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