A new hack, called Spire, is said to allow Siri voice assistant to run on almost all jailbroken iPhone or iPad on iOS 5. And the best thing is, that is legal.

Siri is one of the popular features of the latest Apple iPhone 4S, and it seems that a fully functioning port of the voice assistant is available on almost all jailbroken iOS 5 devices. Developed by Chpwn and Ryan Petrich, the new hack known as Spire, allows Siri to run on jailbroken iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, third-gen iPod touch, fourth-generation iPod touch and first-generation iPad. And it seems like it is legal. The Spire app is free and available to download from the Cydia app store and takes about 100MB of space, and users are advised to connect to a Wi-Fi network when downloading the app.

Source: Venture Beat