A new Razer teaser website has been spotted with the tagline "Razer for Life", and it looks like the countdown timer is pointing to the upcoming PC Show 2011 next week. So what is this Razer for Life? Read on.

So have you signed up at the Razer For Life website – http://www.razerforlife.com.sg? Well, we at VR-Zone signed up under the mailing list to find out what this Razer For Life is about, and the above screenshot is what we got.

Apparently, if you signed up like we did, you will get a confirmation email and another email about the details. What you need to do is to print out the email and bring it to the PC Show 2011 next week. You will be able to claim an exclusive Sign of Razer which allows you to participate in Razer's monthly contest to win their gaming products till the end of 2011. Do note that this is for Singapore only.

Razer fans and hardcore gamers, what are you waiting for?