Lightning Returns Ultimate Box

Square Enix has recently delivered new updates on their upcoming release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, shedding light on the game’s delayed release date as well as showing off the title’s box art and special Ultimate Box edition that’s exclusive to Japan.

The Ultimate Box edition includes the following: a copy of all three of Lightning’s adventures in game form, a figurine of the heroine herself, a physical copy of the soundtrack for Lightning Returns, artwork from the upcoming game, and a collection of the disc artwork featured on all three games.

The Ultimate Box is exclusive to Japan and is currently available for pre-order via Square Enix’s store for 26,000 Yen.

Additionally Square Enix has shined the spotlight on the official retail box art for both PS3 and Xbox 360 iterations of Lightning Returns, each of which can be found above.

Along with the limited edition box set, Square Enix has changed the release date for their upcoming multi-platform title. Lightning’s last adventure was previously planned for a 2013 release, but Square has pushed back the release date to February of 2014, where the game will launch for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 respectively.

No word has been mentioned on a potential release of Lightning Returns on next-gen consoles; however this most likely will not happen.

In addition to these updates, Square Enix has unveiled an official E3 trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which can be found below.

The trailer is quite impressive and showcases the game’s signature visual flair, and also chronicles the overall story arc set in place by the game itself. Although the footage is a bit brief, it adequately portrays the important elements for any Final Fantasy title, and looks to be an engaging conclusion of Lightning’s three-part saga.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is slated for release in Feb. 2014 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Please visit the game’s official website for more information.