Square-Enix has a lot of sins to atone for at this year’s E3. Good news is they’ll be holding a Q&A of their own before the big event to detail the future of Final Fantasy.

Square-Enix’s missteps have been the cause of a lot of scrutiny that the company has faced since the beginning of this generation. The questionably managed company has produced one of their least successful Final Fantasy entries to date, as well as a completely botched launch of big MMO release. On top of that their overall output has been very lacking due to development problems.

There are a lot of questions that Square-Enix has to answer and luckily they don’t seem to be shying away.  Members of the press have been receiving invitations for a pre-E3 Q&A conference that will be held on June 11 where they promise to detail the future of Final Fantasy.


Could Final Fantasy Versus XIII be renamed Final Fantasy XV? Possibly.

The most educated speculation to make at the moment is that they plan to show up at Sony’s presser to announce the next iteration of Final Fantasy and possibly more. This is reinforced by their announcement at the PS4 reveal as well as rumors leading up to E3. The Q&A is being held the day after Sony’s event so it makes sense that they’d want to further detail any announcements they made to the press.

They have a lot to prove in the next-generation so it will be interesting to hear what they have to say.

Via: Polygon