If for some weird reason you’re a fan of video games, RPGs specifically, and you have not played Final Fantasy VII then I don’t know what else to tell you other than there is now one less excuse.


Square has officially released Final Fantasy VII on Steam, which is something that has been expected for more than a year now. The game will have 36 achievements and CVG notes that it will have partial controller support.

It will run you $11.99/£9.99 and take up about 3GB of your storage. If for some reason you’re unfamiliar with the title because you only started gaming recently (that’s the only allowable excuse!) then it is a game you should definitely check out.  It’s widely considered to be one of the best RPGs of all time and features a colorful cast of characters and intriguing story.

Now the waiting game begins to see how long it takes them to release Final Fantasy VIII on Steam as well.  Until then, check out the trailer below if you want to feel nostalgic:

Via: CVG