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Stand Back, There Is A Dell Streak(er) Coming Through

Product Demonstration: Dell stage

Like most smartphone OEMs, Dell has layered its own custom user interface known as Dell Stage over the stock Android OS, ostensibly to provide users with a much more touch-friendly and intuitive interface right out of the box.

However, Dell claims that Stage will not be limited for use only in mobile handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. Rather, Dell Stage is part of a bigger vision to allow for seamless user interaction between users and devices. And this vision has already been put into play: to date, many of Dell’s newer notebooks are already sold with Dell Stage bundled in

Product Demonstration: StarHub TV

However, the greatest appeal about Dell’s partnership with StarHub lies in the fact that the Streak will be preloaded with various unique StarHub-only applications such as StarHub TV, which provides access to 27 premium television channels at the touch of a button.

More importantly, one does not need to subscribe to StarHub TV service in order to make use of the services it provides. StarHub has announced that the StarHub TV service will utilize a pay-per-view payment model in which users need only pay S$1 for 24-hour unlimited access to all 27 premium television channels available.

For those who fear that the small size of the Dell Streak’s screen will result in sub-par video quality, fret not: Campbell-Banks’ demonstration revealed that the video playback was remarkably smooth and crisp.

VR-Zone Hands On

We soon had our chance to play around with the Dell Streak. At approximately 220g, the Dell Streak is rather lightweight and portable. While its 5-inch screen means that it is still significantly larger than a smartphone, it is still small enough to be used for making phone calls without the need for a handsfree kit.

The Dell Streak has three touch-sensitive buttons located below the touchscreen. As you would have noticed, the icons have been rotated counter-clockwise by 90 degrees. This is a clear sign that Dell designed the Streak to be used primarily in landscape mode, like how one would use a tablet.

In addition to the standard black version, Dell is also offering a Cherry Red version of the Streak for sale in Singapore.

The Dell Streak sports two 5-megapixel cameras situated on both the front and rear of the device. The rear camera, though, is fitted with two LEDs which double up as a camera flash.

The right side of the Dell Streak houses the essential hardware buttons for the camera, power and volume control. Also located here is a 3.5mm audio-out jack. The dock connector is located on the opposite side.

Unlike the US versions which are loaded with Android 1.6 (Donut), the local version of the Streak will ship with Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) preloaded, as shown in the image below.

Pricing and Availability

The Dell Streak will be commercially available at all StarHub Shops and selected Exclusive Partners’ outlets from December 11, which is approximately 11 days from now. In addition, StarHub has also announced a total of seven difference price plans with customers may sign up for in order to purchase the Dell Streak at a discounted price. Details are as follow:

  3G SmartSurf 100 3G SmartSurf 300 3G SmartSurf 700 3G SmartSurf Unlimited
Monthly fee (with GST) S$38 S$58 S$98 S$205
Voice credit (mins) 100 300 700 2000
SMS/MMS credit 500 500 500 2000
Data credit (GB) 12 12 12 Unlimited
Dell Streak Pricing S$398 S$238 S$0 S$0
Free Entertainment Starter Pack:
1. Free Starhub TV till 31 March 2011
2. 8 free music downloads    

  PowerValue 100 PowerValue 300 PowerValue 700
Monthly fee (with GST) S$25.68 S$48.15 S$82.93
Voice credit (mins) 100 300 700
SMS/MMS credit 500 500 500
Dell Streak Pricing S$548 S$348 S$148
Free Entertainment Starter Pack:
1. Free Starhub TV till 31 March 2011
2. 8 free music downloads    

Last but not least, we have included a small photo gallery of the launch event.

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