After launching a Kickstarter campaign to aid the independent funding of Star Citizen, Chris Roberts and his development team have already reached the amount they were seeking, after less than a week.

After Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander, announced two weeks ago that he was developing a new Space Sim, they've been raking in money. Originally, they wanted to crowdfund the game without using Kickstarter, and that's going well so far, with $1,434,652 of their $2,000,000 goal reached so far (as of October 25, 2012). However, the funding site crashed after a day (the issue has been fixed), which forced Roberts to create a Kickstarter as a backup way to fund the game.

Lookin' good so far

It's been only 5 days since the Kickstarter campaign began and it has already exceeded it's goal, today reaching close to $600,000 –  $100,000 higher than it's original half million goal. If you combine this cash with that raised on the game's own site, Roberts has surpassed the $2 million he needs to make the game… and there's still a lot of time left on the campaigns.

Players should be happy to hear this, as any money that goes into the project from this point on will lead to more features, more polish and ultimately a better game. Plus, as usual with these campaigns; if you want to help with the funding, there are some nice perks in it for you. I've already done my part, and I'm looking forward to getting a nice sleek starship upon launch.