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StarCraft II : Wings of Liberty Review

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty brings Single-player campaign experience onto the next level. This time, there is in-game interaction, upgrading your components and stuff but most importantly, the plot will blow you away. Do take note that at some points in the campaign, you will be prompted to make a decision.

The game is bigger and better, bringing an epic tale of Commander James Raynor and the game developer never fails to tell the story in a grandest way possible. It’s like watching a movie whereby you want to keep watching without leaving your seat because the plot keeps you on your toes. Wings of Liberty does it well and by interacting with the in-game characters, you get the extra flavor to know more about them and the role they play in the story. The solo campaign will consist of 29 missions and player is able to tailor the route and upgrade path.

With twelve years of time making the game, Blizzard knows it have to do well as the community has been waiting for the longest time, its fan base entrenched. It is not your usual real-time strategy game with that typical “cinematic->game->cinematic”, but a whole lot more.

For those who aren’t aware, there is a mini-game “Lost Vikings” in the single-player campaign itself. Try figure out where it is. (Hint: it’s pretty obvious).


Battle Gameplay Experience

I have to confess that I am no expert to tell you the very micro balance mechanics between each unit or how a map should be made to be balanced. Battles and unit control in StarCraft II is simply awesome. The usual shortcut keys and that familiar feel of the original StarCraft still remains. Awesome firefights, zerglings drop and your hit and run experiences are top notch.

Maps are aplenty and if you are up to it, StarCraft II also comes with a built-in world editor where you can make your custom maps or even campaigns perhaps custom gameplay too. StarCraft II packs a “Challenge” mode whereby the player has to clear various missions to score achievements. This gives additional pride from the usual campaign and multiplayer madness.

It is never-ending fun once you start the game. En Taro Adun, brave warrior. And in case you didn’t know, South East Asia folks like us have access to the North American servers too! Neat.

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