A smartphone startup is promising the ultimate private mobile experience with a thing called the Blackphone.


Cryptologists, other security experts, and even a Navy Seal collaborated in developing the ‘most secured smartphone’ ever.  The developers used Android as the foundation of the Blackphone, but the product itself is not tied to any operator or vendor.

According to Blackphone’s founder, the handset will allow people to make completely secure phone calls, send texts, video chat, and download/receive files without the governing eyes of hackers or unwanted government surveillance.

Those are some amazing promises of ultra-secured means of communication, but we’ll have to see if the Blackphone can really deliver.  The team, of course, does have some major players involved in the development of the stealthy smartphone.  Among them is Phil Zimmermann, creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and co-founder of Silent Circle.

Blackphone is set to take the stage at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in February.