Valve has confirmed that a new tool gives these liberties to all Steam developers.


Developers are now able to set their own discounts for the titles that they offer through steam, the tool also gives them the ability to choose whether or not they want to opt in to weekly Steam sales. Previously if individual Steam sales were to be created, Steam and developers had to work together.

At first a screenshot of a page describing the new Steamworks tool surfaced online, it revealed how developers would now be allowed to set their own discounts and launch their own sales, they will be able to offer discounts and sales for custom periods. Essentially developers will be able to control all aspects of a sale, thus providing the customers with the best possible incentive to pick up a title.

Doug Lombardi of Valve has confirmed with the folks at Polygon that the screenshot is legitimate, and also elaborated that giving developers this ability is part of Valve’s plan to bridge the gap between developers and their customers. The company holds the view that this will enable developers to better coordinate their promotions with announcements, events or major updates that they have been planning.

Steam allows developers to opt into an upcoming weekly sale up to two months in advance. Sales that developers create themselves can also be set up two months in advance for a maximum of two weeks. These choices can be pre-set and will automatically go live when the time comes. This obviously doesn’t mean that the frequency of sales on Steam will go up, its entirely up to the developers, they may choose not to offer discounts on their titles at all.

Source: Polygon