Steam is offering huge discounts on titles like BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider and others.


Steam is one of the locations where you can see a livestream of the VGX awards, and it is also offering discounts on all the nominated games. These include BioShock Infinite, which is available for $14.99 (from $59.99) and the new Tomb Raider game, which is on sale at $8.99 (usually $49.99).

Metro: Last Light is also on discount, and you can get it for $13.59 (retailed for $39.99). Other games that are on discount include Grid 2, NBA 2K14, Call Of Duty: Ghosts and F1 2013. To view all the games that are discounted and the games that have been nominated across various categories, visit the source link below.

The VGX event will kick off at 3 PM Pacific Time. There are four games vying for the honour of the best shooting game of the year, and these include Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Metro: Last Light. We aren’t sure how Battlefield 4 got the nod, as the game has been riddled with bugs and crashes since its launch, with EA mentioning that DICE is working overtime on fixing the in-game bugs, so much so that work on other titles has been put on hold.

There are 20 categories in total, and the awards show will last for three hours. Head over to the link below to view the livestream once the show begins.

Source: Steam



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