Steam saw around 7.2 million gamers logged in at the same time on Sunday, December 1, a new record for Valve’s digital distribution platform.


Steam currently has around 65 million users – the new number surpasses last year’s record of 6 million concurrently logged in users, and Steam’s Black Friday deals might have had something to do with the high user traffic over the weekend. Also, considering both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were launched in the past few weeks, it’s perhaps a stark reminder that PC gaming is still alive and kicking, though whether anyone needed that reminder in the first place is a topic of discussion for another time.

Meanwhile, over 1.2 million players were actually playing a game; also, half a million from the total logged in users were busy playing Dota 2, which might just be a record in itself (Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was the second most popular title with just 93,905 concurrent users.) The new user record comes in at an interesting time – Valve is in the process of launching its Steam Box console in the near future, and if the interest in Steam on PCs is anything to go by, the Steam Box might just carve out a healthy share of the console market for itself.