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SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Gaming Mouse Review


By default, the Sensei Raw works brilliantly out of the box but there is an additional downloadable utility to customize it. As the mouse does not have onboard memory, any profiles created will not be carried over to the next PC, which can be quite a bummer for LAN gamers. There are adjustments options for CPI, Polling Rate and Logo illumination behaviour


There is also a nifty benchmark tool to calculate your ARM (actions per minute).


Testing Impressions

Ergonomics: Sensei Raw is one of the few mices in the market that gets the size, height and the arc elevation of the body just right to maximize muscle strength/reaction of the fingers and avoid hand fatigue/carpal tunnel syndrome. The best compliment that can be afforded to it is that its almost identical to the shape of the legendary Microsoft Intellimouse Optical 1.1, which is considered by many as the best mouse ever.

Buttons: Omron D2FC-F-7N(10M) switches, nuff said.

Tracking: We tested the Sensei Raw on a variety of cloth (QCK Mass, Razer Goliathus) and hard surfaces (table, Steelseries SX, Razer Scarab), and the sensor performed flawlessly without skipping from as low as 400 to 5670CPI. There was no noticable jitter, positive/negative acceleration behaviour or angle snapping/prediction as we can see from the tests above.


Actual gameplay: (see screenshot above) – owned everybody on the Battlefield đŸ™‚



To be absolutely fair, not everybody is going to become a professional gamer overnight by using a brilliant mouse. Steelseries' Sensei Raw is undoubtedly one of the all-time greats (this is the opinion of someone who plays a lot of FPS and has owned: IE3, IO 1.1, DeathAdder, MX518, G5, Zowie AM, Kinzu, Boomslang and a dozen other assorted crap). With a price tag of USD$59.99, it is not prohibitively priced and is quite competitive with similar-speced mice from other brands. If you are put off by the USD$89.99 price tag of the original Sensei and do not require the extra (frankly, gratuitous) features, look no further than the (legitimate) aimbot known as the Sensei Raw.

Now we must go back to owning on the Battlefield…

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